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Why Should I Study Cybersecurity and 4 Reasons to Consider a Cybersecurity Career?

A rate of 0% unemployment is a good number. It is by far the best reason for a student to choose cybersecurity as a career, according to a guidance counselor. It’s a nice perk, but it’s not as important as some of the other reasons to become a cybersecurity professional.

You don’t have to be an expert in cybersecurity to see that this is a growing field. Cybersecurity is now an important part of how any modern business works. As more and more security breaches make the news, it’s clear that organizations need more people who specialize in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a part of every job in IT. If security is your main job, you can do a lot of different things. There are as many roles in cybersecurity as there are lines of code running in your browser, including security operations, risk assessments, application security, investigations, compliance, and teaching.

And don’t let those bad news stories make you feel bad. There are hundreds of millions of online transactions that go well for every Equifax. As a field, we are making progress. Here are the top four reasons why you should think about a career in cybersecurity, and one reason why you shouldn’t.

4 Reasons to Consider a Cybersecurity Career

1. Practically Limitless Growth

Cybersecurity is the best way to grow, both in your career and in your ability to learn new things. Its scope is always growing.

We teach security as a separate subject, but it is connected to all of the other IT skills. A good person who works in cybersecurity tries to learn as much as possible about how technologies and organizations work.

A good cybersecurity expert knows that they can always learn more. That is a huge chance to stay interested and challenged.

When security teams first started out, they were made up of people who could do a lot of different things. The field hadn’t grown enough to support forensics, application security, or incident response as specialties.

Due to the amount of work, security teams have had to quickly scale up and out. Professionals who are willing to take risks can find and take advantage of opportunities.

Whether you want to become a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or work with brand new technologies, the only thing that will limit your growth is how much you want to.

That’s an interesting idea, and it’s enough to make you want to work in cybersecurity.

4 Reasons to Consider a Cybersecurity Career

2. Plenty of Variety

The different technologies and situations that security professionals have to deal with are what give them all of their growth opportunities. If it uses ones and zeros, it has a cybersecurity component (and some roles even include physical security!).

Professionals in security get to work directly with teams on technologies and systems that most people have never even heard of. Robots, cars, and websites with millions and millions of users are just some of the things that can be made.

That’s an exciting way to make a living. You won’t use the word “bored” very often.

One interesting result of this variety is that cybersecurity professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds. This is because they need a wide range of skills to understand modern security challenges.

In fact, you’ll be a better security professional the more varied your background is. To become a cybersecurity professional, there is no “right” way to train.

3. The Ability to Figure Things Out

When you look at how technology is growing and how different it is, you can start to see the different kinds of puzzles that cybersecurity professionals can solve.

We use some tried-and-true ideas in cybersecurity, but the tactics can change from day to day. And there are always new puzzles to figure out.

Each new wave of technology brings with it new risks. It is the job of security professionals to find these risks, figure out what they are, and then help solve them. That changes a lot when you think about how to protect a website in the cloud versus how to protect a pacemaker in an older person.

Every situation is a new puzzle and a chance to show what you can do.

4. The Job Makes a Difference

Make no mistake. The puzzles, growth opportunities, and impact of cybersecurity make it a very interesting field to work in. But if you want a job that looks more like how Hollywood shows security workers, you should think again.

Most jobs in cybersecurity don’t require you to fly around the world dodging bullets, get scan results in milliseconds, or know that malicious code is red (thanks, CSI: Cyber).

That doesn’t mean, though, that these jobs aren’t rewarding. It’s true. They might not be pretty, though.

4 Reasons to Consider a Cybersecurity Career

Start Learning, and Don’t Stop

Cybersecurity is a good field for a career because there is little to no unemployment and the pay is good.

Also, if you choose this path, there will always be room for you to grow. You’ll always have to learn new skills and figure out how to use new technologies. You’ll keep running into new problems, and you’ll meet a lot of new people and see a lot of new things.

You’ll never get bored because there are always new puzzles to solve, and you can always be proud of your work because it will help both the digital and real worlds.

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