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What Are The Top 5 Google Algorithms Related To SEO?

Everyone will agree that the world is more digitalized, active, and important than ever before. With a competitive spirit, every company wants its name to be at the top of Google and other search engines’ lists of most-searched terms.

Google is a search engine that does nothing but help people. It tries to give users relevant and useful information when they do a search. So, websites that meet a user’s needs based on their search are ranked high and get more traffic and sales.

Yes. Websites should use search engine optimization.

But the question is whether or not all SEO methods are good.

Some optimization methods don’t work right away and take time, but they do work in the long run. The rest, on the other hand, work quickly but leave you and your website in a bad situation in the end.

There are ways that have been made and tweaked to find the best SEO approach and satisfy the public’s thirst for exploration.

Google, the overlord, has made huge search ranking algorithms and changed them a lot over the years. By following its “Quality First” principle, the changes made are only meant to make the results more relevant to the users.

After all, the ranking algorithms are what Google uses to decide how to separate sites and put them in ascending order based on the quality and delivery of their content.

Let’s look at some of the most important Google search algorithms so that a webmaster or business owner can stay informed and up-to-date and make money in the long run.

5 Google Algorithms


The Panda algorithm came out at the start of 2011. It was named after one of the people who worked on it. The main reason the search algorithm was made was to make it less likely that low-quality sites would show up at or near the top of Google’s results.

This algorithm was the first big step that Google took to give users more accurate and useful information and filter out the ones that were not as good.

About the Panda:

  • Scrutinizes the content of a website
  • Determines its quality
  • And positions it as per the quality norms

Content that makes the Panda get involved:

  • Low-quality content
  • Duplicate data
  • Thin content
  • Unuseful and Deceitful information
  • Article Spinning


2012 was the year that The Penguin came out. It has the same goal as Panda, which is to give better and more active results. However, it focuses on the backlink profiles of sites, which affect how they rank.

Your website’s rankings go down if it has links from sketchy or bad sources. Penguin makes sure that this never happens.

The Penquin:

  • Is totally hands-off
  • Grip your website with links that are natural and trustworthy
  • Counts as a vote for your website if you link to it.

Things that make Google’s Penguin come out:

  • Buying or selling links is unethical.
  • Links of poor quality
  • Keyword Stuffing Linking to sites that are full of spam


Hummingbird came out in 2013 after Google changed some of its indexing methods and algorithms. Unlike Panda and Penguin, Hummingbird had a different goal.

The name of the algorithm comes from the fact that it can be accurate and quick. Its goal is to focus on the meaning of the word or phrase to give better search results.

Google uses Hummingbird to:

  • Effectively read search queries
  • Give searchers results that match what they are looking for.
  • Make a page rank higher for a question that was asked, even if it doesn’t contain the exact words that the user typed in.

Points that make Hummingbird happen:

  • Exact-match keyword
  • Keyword Stuffing


When Google Pigeon came out in 2014, it changed a lot how people search when their location is important.

5 Google Algorithms

Pigeon made a close link between the local and core algorithms. This means that traditional SEO factors are now used to rank both local and non-local Google results based on their location.

Since the update uses location and distance as important factors for ranking sites, it linked Google Web Search and Google Map Search together.

The Pigeon is set off by the following:

  • Pages that are not properly optimised
  • The NAP doesn’t make sense (Name, Address and Phone number of your business)
  • Badly set up Google My Business page
  • Not being listed in the local directories

5. GOOGLE’S MOBILE UPDATE (Mobilegeddon)

Google’s Mobile-Friendly update, which came out in 2015, makes sure that mobile-focused pages show up high in mobile search results and filters out those that aren’t made for mobile.

An interesting move by Google added a new ranking factor for mobile searches that looked at how good the user experience was on small screens.


  • Checks to see if the site works well on mobile devices.
  • Gives preference to those who are well shown on mobile devices
  • Pages that don’t work well on mobile devices should drop in the rankings.

Things that will cause Mobilegeddon:

  • View and settings that are wrong
  • Not having a page for mobile users
  • Illegible content

Even though Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird broke the rules of the industry, Google keeps improving its algorithm with updates like RankBrain, Fred, Possum, and Page Rank.

The tech giant keeps updating and renewing its long-running algorithms at regular intervals, which makes it easy for end users to do all kinds of searches and research.

To upgrade and improve the visibility of your search engine, you must use an ethical approach to SEO and pay attention to Google’s notifications and alerts. This is a must if you want to succeed and reach the top.

Every year, a lot of changes and improvements are made to the SEO field, which makes it a field that will always be around. With an SEO certification, you can take advantage of these benefits to build a career with a bright future and get ahead of the competition.

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