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A Couple Of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date: What is the Plot of Season 2?

A Couple of Cuckoos is a Japanese manga series that was made by Miki Yoshikawa. It started out as a one-shot in September 2019, and in January 2020, it became a serial in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine.

From April to October 2022, TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block showed an adaptation of an anime TV show by Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP. This rom-com is a great choice if you’re looking for something to watch during the spring anime season.

This article talks about when Season 2 of A Couple of Cuckoos will come out, who made it, and where you can watch it. It also has a trailer and all the information you need!

What is a Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 Release Date?

The first episode of the anime A Couple of Cuckoos will air on April 23, 2022. It will be a part of the anime season for Spring 2022. The anime will be shown on Japanese TV as part of the NUMAnimation block on TV Asahi.

Due to differences in time zones, people in places like the United States and the United Kingdom will also be able to watch the anime.

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2

There are rumors that the two courses in A Couple of Cuckoos will run at the same time for six months. We don’t know how many episodes will be in the first season, but it’s likely that there will be between 22 and 26.

nntheblog says that we don’t know when Season 2 of The Couple of Cuckoos will come out.

What is the Storyline of the Anime Couple of Cuckoos?

The anime love comedy A Couple of Cuckoos is centered on the tragic deaths of Erika Amano and Nagi Umino. The protagonist of the book, 16-year-old Nagi Umino, learns that the family he has been living with for so long is not his biological family.

Eventually, Nagi encounters his real family. Nagi and Erika Amano come into contact (a popular internet celebrity who is also fleeing from her arranged marriage).

Erika is eager for Nagi to play the role of her fictitious boyfriend so that she might leave her prearranged marriage. Nagi learns later that a switchback occurred at the hospital.

His biological daughter, whom he reared, will become his wife thanks to the foresight of his foster parents. She is married to Erika Amano. There is a little planet. Nagi and Erika are slated to cohabitate, according to the plan!

What is the Plot of Season 2 Couple of Cuckoos?

At the same time, two different kinds of families had babies in the same hospital. Both the girl and the boy were beautiful. The babies were given to the wrong families because of a mistake on the papers.

After 17 years, Nagi finds out who his real parents are and insists on meeting them. He is the second-best student at Megurogawa Academy. They set up a meeting right away. On the way to the meeting, Nagi talked to a girl.

The girls’ names were Erika. She has a lot of Instagram followers, and when he was born, she moved in with him. She didn’t want to get married against her will, so she asked Nagi to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Nagi is now engaged to Erika, and only God knows how that came to be. So that everything would go more smoothly, their parents also let them live in the same house. Nagi won’t be upset because he will be sharing his home with someone who is both interesting and nice. She is also on board.

What a lucky little rascal! Even though Erika’s name isn’t the worst, neither is Nagi. His eyes can make anyone melt. A love story that is sweet but hard to understand is about to begin. There will be misunderstandings, strong feelings, feelings of insecurity, awkward situations, funny turns of events, and beautiful emotional moments.

A trailer has been posted online. Even though it doesn’t tell you anything else about the anime, the trailer gives you a short summary of the story. But we can talk about the art and how the whole place feels. The designs are beautiful and simple. The colors are happy and bright, and the people are drawn well.

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2

The fact that this series turned out so well shows how much passion and time went into making it. The trailer shows funny pictures of the main characters, which makes it look like most of the show will be funny.

You by telling you a story you’ve already heard. Every shot is different, and strange people are in each one. Let’s just say that anime won’t be dull. I was happy before, but now I’m even more so. You are not?

Who is the Cast of “Couple of Cuckoos” Season 2?

  • Nicholas Andrew Louie as Nagi Umino.
  • Lindsay Sheppard as Erika Amano.
  • AmaLee as Hiro Segawa.
  • Bryn Apprill as Sachi Umino.
  • Marissa Lenti as Namie Umino.
  • Gianni Matragrano as Yohei Umino.
  • David J. Dixon as Soichiro Amano.

Where Watch a Couple of Cuckoos?

On April 23, 2022, the Japanese anime A Couple of Cuckoos will air on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block. You may watch the anime on Crunchyroll if you live outside of Japan.

A Couple of Cuckoos’ premiere episode might air on television and be broadcast simultaneously. This occurs an hour after the Japanese TV broadcast of the show. On April 22, 2022, these are the hours that your region will allow people out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Season 2 of a Couple of Cuckoos?

That’s because Kakkou no Iinazuke’s 13th episode didn’t begin streaming until the end of July 2022, although the first episode debuted at the end of April 2022. A new trailer PV for A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 13 stated that it would air on July 9, 2022. The premiere date for the episode is July 23, 2022.

Who Does Umino End Up With?

In the spring of 2022, the romantic comedy anime series A Couple of Cuckoos will premiere. It chronicles Nagi Umino’s discovery that the household he was residing with was not his real family. Erika Amano got betrothed to Nagi while seeking to escape her own planned marriage.

Who Does Nagi End Up With Cuckoo?

Erika won’t move until Souichirou Amano has spoken with Nagi and Erika about the 112th bird. The father then offers them a choice regarding how things will be moving forward, which they both accept to be allowed to continue together after Nagi admits that he fell in love with Erika while they were living together.

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