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Are Harry and Beaux Still Together? What Happened to Them During the Finale of Too Hot to Handle?

Are Harry and Beaux Still Together: While many other couples on this season of Too Hot to Handle were heating things in the villas, one couple in particular captured our hearts with their tender moments.

Harry and Beaux were the only seasons 3 characters to become official boyfriend and girlfriend before the end of the program, even though it took them a long to discover they were meant for each other.

Are Harry and Beaux still together following their departure from paradise? Here are the known facts.

What Happened to Harry and Beaux During the Finale of Too Hot to Handle?

Lana stated in the season 3 finale that Harry and Beaux would be jointly nominated for the main prize, which was unprecedented. After successfully returning $90,000 to the prize fund, Nathan and Holly would have to compete against Georgia and Nathan for the money.

Fortunately, Harry and Beaux’s fellow contestants voted for them to receive the prize money. And as Harry had previously asked Beaux to be his formal girlfriend, the couple departed the villas completely in love, in a committed relationship, and $90,000 wealthier.


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Do Harry And Beaux Still Have A Relationship?

Beaux and Harry are no longer dating, but both have expressed interest in doing so in interviews.

Before announcing their breakup, the former couple joked about on the Too Hot to Handle reunion show, which was uploaded on Instagram on January 26 and recorded before the beginning of the event’s marketing in mid-January.

Harry stated, “Our relationship status is currently single, but we communicate daily.” Who knows what might occur? We have not seen each other yet… We battled greatly with the distance, and when we returned to the United Kingdom, we were on lockdown.” Never say never, he added, and Beaux concurred.

In an interview with Narcity, Beaux elaborated on what went wrong: “Since I’ve never run a long distance before, I guess I was apprehensive when I left the retreat.

Both of us dreaded the fact that I would no longer be spending every day with him. Due to the difficulty of the situation, we parted ways.” She added, “The past several weeks have witnessed a rekindling, and it’s been incredibly amazing.

We will be able to overcome the distance concerns if we try again, which I believe we will, and I have a hunch he may move closer to me anyway.”

While promoting Too Hot to Handle in January and February 2022, Beaux and Harry exchanged Instagram stories that alluded to their restored romance (kissing, hugging, and holding hands), but neither made an official announcement of their reconciliation.

are harry and beaux still together

In February, while returning from Turks and Caicos, Beaux and Harry were both involved in an incident aboard a British Airways flight.

Beaux and Harry allegedly wanted to cool off since they were “kissing and acting intimately,” but instead became aggressive toward the flight attendants and refused to wear face masks.

After the plane landed, both were arrested, prosecuted, and fined. In a statement to The Sun, the couple apologized sincerely, with Harry adding, “Clearly, it was just a drunken mistake.”

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