Best 2023 Typing Jobs, Offering Up to $25/hour: Apply Now!

Online Typing Jobs with No Investment are an excellent way to supplement your income while learning new skills such as typing or editing. Telecommuting also suggests that you can set your own schedule and work when you want, making these Online Typing Jobs Without Investment completely adaptable.

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Top 9 Online Typing Jobs For Beginners

How Much Money Could I Possibly Make with a Typing Job?

You can get anything from $1 per hour to $95,000 per year. It is especially dependent on the type of typing task you undertake.

Jobs that do not require understanding, a degree, or confirmation will pay significantly less than specific typing tasks.

Typing jobs can pay as little as a couple of dollars for little tasks and as much as $95,000 per year for change.

Work From Home Online Typing Jobs

Here’s a selection of home typing jobs you can try.

Editing and proofreading

If you’re the type of person who is constantly catching errors in your writing, you were designed for proofreading! If you’ve ever written anything, you’ll know that editing your own work is really difficult! After the writing is completed, another individual will review the author’s over-crafted work.

And it is how the editor survives. All that matters is how quickly and precisely you can identify mistakes for journalists to revisit. However, you do not need a degree for proofreading, and some job ads do not require a lot of background or relevant expertise, making this our best online work!

Virtual Personal Assistant

As a VA, you must assist your client with tasks that they would rather not perform themselves. The sheer variety of tasks is frequently why this type of work-from-home job is generally appealing.

If you can offer different administrations, for example, combining web-based entertainment the board with wonderful client care or comprehending pamphlet streamlining, you can hope to acquire more.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average Virtual Assistant earns $19 per hour. Virtual Assistants can earn far more if they have their own independent enterprises and do not rely on third-party organizations for their employment.

Independent author

The annual salary for the general public is $2,350.

Important responsibilities: Freelance writers create printed content for websites, periodicals, newspapers, books, television, and movies. You can apply for writing jobs using your CV and writing tests. Freelance writers must create content based on customer specifications.

This may include constraints like as word count, tone, style, and localization. Freelance writers work for a variety of clients and may have experience creating content for print or electronic media.

Start Your Blog

We absolutely enjoy starting your own blog because we have made so much progress with our own! It truly is the best thing we could possibly do. We’ve certainly had to put in a lot of effort, but we’re now both ready to work at home and accompany our small children.

You can completely get rewarded for online typing by doing this because the content that you create will bring in money.

Bloggers are frequently compensated for the accompanying:

  • Posts that have received support
  • Subsidiary advertising (within messages or articles)
  • Selling your own products

A blog is similar to any other business in that you must commit time and effort in order for it to grow. You should provide your readers with accommodating, fantastic content.


Transcribers listen to audio accounts and type what they hear. Web recording recordings are an excellent sample of the type of labor done by transcribers. Strong online access and exceptional hearing are required for this work. A good typist will stand out because of their rapid typing pace and low error rate.

The average hourly wage for transcriptionists is $28. Regardless, most transcription jobs pay for each sound hour completed. This indicates that you are compensated for each hour of sound that you translate rather than for every hour that you work. The industry benchmark is four hours of transcription investment for one hour of quality sound.

You can increase your pay rate by becoming a quick and effective transcriptionist. To speed up the cycle, a foot pedal is recommended.

Moderator of the community

Important responsibilities: A community moderator creates and manages an organization’s online voice in order to build brand awareness and trust among their online community. Moderators will be responsible for altering organizational correspondences, advertising, web-based entertainment, and promoting content to bring the brand personality together.

As a moderator, you may be the primary source of information for online fans of a brand or group. Community moderators strive to maintain a positive relationship with the online community while also regulating movement and correspondence to ensure compliance with organizational regulations.


Perhaps you’re looking for something a little different than the ordinary online typist. Did you know you could become a bookkeeper and earn $20 per hour by managing a company’s financial records?

Some of your responsibilities as a bookkeeper might include keeping records, storing receipts, managing finances, delivering monthly or quarterly reports, and compiling the yearly books for the bookkeeper.


A scopist writes the final records of preliminaries, statements, and other procedures that a court columnist has typed onto a steno machine. As a scopist, your job is to fill in any missing words, rectify any inaccurate spellings, and apply legitimate accentuation to the report. As a result, knowing the language you’re typing in is essential.

While typing, the average scopist can earn $28 per hour. As a court correspondent, you definitely need some knowledge for this type of remote work. While no degree is required for this employment, having some form of preparation will help you acquire some work.

Because you may have to deal with difficult and disturbing circumstances, this may not be the best career for you if you are extremely empathetic or sensitive.

Closed captioning

You know how when you watch a recording, the words that are being said appear as text on the screen? That is administration captioning.

The content was written by someone who is used to inscription records – and this may be something you try as well for online typing jobs. This is a fantastic opportunity for a local typist who wants to make money online by typing pages.

That you should just listen to sounds and type up what they say. You must be an incredibly fast typist, as most people speak faster than you can type. The amount you are paid is determined by how quickly you type and how precise you are.

Summary Table

Post Name Working Hour Salary/ Hour
Virtual Assistant 4 to 5 hrs $24- $30
Freelance Writer 5 to 6 hrs $20 to $25
Proofreading and Editing 5 to 6 hrs $19- $20
Community Moderator 4 to 5 hrs $20 to $30
Bookkeeping 4 to 5 hrs $20 to $25
Blogging 4 to 5 hrs $20 to $30
Transcription 3 to 4 hrs $25 to $30
Scopist 5 to 6 hrs $30 to $35
Captioning 4 to 5 hrs $25 to $30

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