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Caleb Pressley Net Worth: How Much Income Does He Make From His Career?

Caleb Pressley is a well-known former player, coach, content creator, and host for American football. He became known when the University of Carolina football team chose him to be their Supervisor of Morale.

Caleb Pressley is a much better performer than he is a football player, though. This former backup quarterback at UNC went on to have one of the most unique college sports careers ever, which set him on the path to becoming a content creator.

He is a well-known former football player who became a huge star during his long, successful career. He is no longer playing the game and now works for Barstool Sports. He is also very active on social media, where he has more than 1 million fans who follow him.

This article has a lot of information about Caleb Pressley’s total net worth, including his salary, sources of income, career, biography, luxurious lifestyle, and personal life.

Early Life

Caleb Pressley was born in Asheville, North Carolina, on November 13, 1992, to Billy Joe Pressley and Heather Lee. Caleb’s father used to drive race cars, but he wasn’t the only one in the family looking for excitement. Caleb’s uncle Robert was also a NASCAR driver in the past, and his cousin Coleman drives in the NASCAR Nationwide series now.

Caleb went to A.C. Reynolds High School, where he played basketball, track, and football, but his favorite sport by far was football. Caleb was on the football team at his high school. In 2009, he led his team to the state 4-A state championship, and for his efforts, he was named MVP of the game.

Caleb Pressley Net Worth

In 2009 and 2010, Caleb was also named the best performer at the 4-A championship. By the end of his four years at school, he had passed for 4385 yards and scored 39 touchdowns, as well as run for 1,414 yards and scored 22 touchdowns on his own. He was a two-time captain.

All of these great things Caleb has done made it possible for him to join the football team at the prestigious University of North Carolina as a walk-on. Caleb got his bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of North Carolina. He then went to the School of Divinity at the Scotland University of Edinburgh.


Caleb Pressley’s first job was as a walk-on for the University of North Carolina football team in the 2011 season. After he got to UNC, he spent his first three years in the program as a backup quarterback, trying to work his way up to the starting line.

Caleb will play his first game in 2013 against Idaho. During his time on the team, he ran twice and gained 2 yards, but that might have been the best thing he did in college.

Caleb skipped the team’s spring practices in his third year so he could study at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Divinity of Scotland. Caleb realized when he got back that he was no longer needed on the football team, so he stopped playing football.

At the time, UNC was going through a rough patch. They had just lost badly to their rivals from East Carolina, so Caleb gave his job a little more energy by changing his title and calling himself the Supervisor of Morale.


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 After that, some former UNC players on the sidelines were wearing NFL jerseys, which helped him stand out from the crowd. Now that he was always practicing, he would use his extra time to make interviews with people on the street and comedy videos that would go viral and keep everyone on campus entertained.

Caleb decided that he didn’t really want to be a coach. Instead, he went into the entertainment business after getting his degree from UNC with a major in communication and a minor in writing for stage and screen.

During Pressley’s last year at UNC, he was the team’s Supervisor of Morale, and a couple of articles were written about him. David Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, heard about Caleb through one of these stories and asked him to be on an episode of their TV show, The Rundown.

David became more and more interested in Caleb’s big-time personality as he worked there. Then Caleb took the chance to go straight up and ask for a job. In his early days at Barstool Sports, he built his reputation by coming up with some unique ideas for content.

Pressley called the project Dixie Tour. Along with football games, he and his crew also showed how college students live by stopping by some funny fraternities.

Caleb Pressley recently decided to move from New York City to Florida, where he is now pursuing another dream: to become a professional golfer.

On top of that, he is the host of a podcast called 51 Strokes, which is all about getting people to follow their dreams like he is. Caleb motivated people all over the world in the same way that he used to get his UNC teammates excited.

Caleb Pressley Net Worth

According to biooverview, As of 2022, it is thought that Caleb Pressley’s net worth will be around $3 million US. He is one of the most famous people who became known because they were active on social media sites.

Caleb Pressley Net Worth

Most of his money comes from his jobs as manager of the barstool sports company, coach, and former quarterback of the famous football team of tar heel.

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Caleb’s job has made him a good amount of money over the course of his successful career. He also makes money from making funny videos and hosting his own podcast.

He is in charge of a YouTube channel called Barstool Sports, which has more than 1 million subscribers. Caleb Pressley makes about $450,000 a year in pay.


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