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Corpse Face Reveal Leak: Which Corpse Husband and His Medical Problems?

Fans of Corpse’s music and people who follow him on YouTube are very interested in seeing his face. How does Corpse Husband really look?
He has a mask on his anime avatar, which makes sense since he mostly uses a deep voice to tell scary stories and plays Among Us. Now that he has a lot of fans, the fact that he doesn’t have a face can be very interesting to them. Let’s take a look at what we know about the real Corpse Husband.

What is the Corpse Husband Face Reveal, Leak, and Appearance Mystery?

We know that Corpse Husband was born on August 8, 1997, in San Diego, California, USA. But he has never shown his face, and that YouTube video will go crazy if he ever does. That might not happen soon, though, because one of the things that makes him so popular is that he is a mystery. Also, he doesn’t want to give out his name because he wants to keep his privacy and live a normal life, which is understandable.
Fans who can’t wait to see his face can take a look at his… hands. Yup. Corpse Husband posted pictures of his hands in 2020. The hashtag #onlyhands went viral on Twitter, with over 35K tweets from fans, 8K+ retweets, and a huge 73K+ likes.
Aside from this, some people think that Corpse’s face is only partially shown in the “haha” Tiktok video. But when he’s crouching on the ground, you can see him putting his hand over his face. It’s not clear if this is really Corpse Husband, but the style of his clothes and the picture of his hand made people think it was.


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Still, there are more ideas about how he looks. You may also remember that it was “leaked” that this is the real face of Corpse Husband, which is also not true. It made a big deal because when fans saw him, they were surprised because he didn’t look like they thought he would. Another group of fans stood up for him and said that it was unfair to treat him differently than other people.

Why Does the Corpse Husband Want to Remain Anonymous?

Anthony Padilla posted a video called “I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS” on YouTube. Corpse talks in it about how hiding his identity made his anxiety worse.

He does have some obsessive fans, and many people have tried to doxx him, so he had to hide his identity. Fans are even less likely to be able to see his whole face now that his music is making him even more famous.

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Which Corpse Husband and His Medical Problems?

Corpse Husband says he has fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. He can’t upload or stream gaming videos for long periods of time because he is sick.
Corpse wears an eyepatch when he streams because one of his eyes hurts when it’s exposed to light. He had said, “Every time I look at a screen for more than five minutes, my eye gets red, swollen, and hurts a lot for the rest of the day.”

Corpse Husband Net Worth

It’s clear that most of his money will come from the website YouTube, where people share videos. In September 2020 of last year, he became well-known. According to the stat tracker Social Blade, he makes about $76,800 just from YouTube.
Some experts say that so far, his music has made him about $1.7 million. This is because, on average, Spotify pays its artists $0.0032 per stream. Corpse Husband is thought to have a net worth of about $2 million.
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