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Evanna Lynch Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make From Her Career?

She is an actress, model, and activist from Ireland. Evanna got a lot of attention when she played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. She went very far because of how great she was in this show.

The actress has been in more than ten movies, and most of them were big box office hits. Aside from that, she is very active on social media, where she posts about veganism and animal rights. She is one of the best activists in the country, and she also has a podcast called The ChickPeeps that is vegan and doesn’t use animals.

Evanna has a huge number of fans on social media. For example, she has almost 4 million people following her on Instagram. Let’s talk quickly about Evanna Lynch’s total Net Worth, including her income, earnings, assets, luxury lifestyle, career, biography, personal investments, and much more.

Name Evanna Lynch
Net Worth 2022 $5 Million
Age 31
Annual Salary $500,000 +
Profession Actress

Early Life

On August 16, 1991, Evanna Patricia Lynch was born in Termonfeckin, County Louth, Ireland. Her parents, Donal Lynch and Marguerite, have contributed to her success and encouraged her to pursue a career in acting. Evanna has three more siblings, including a younger brother named Patrick and two older sisters named Emily and Mairead.

Evanna Lynch Net Worth

Her early education was completed at the Cartown National School, after which she attended Our Lady’s College in Drogheda. Then, in 2008, Evanna was given the chance to participate in summer theater and speculative fiction programs at the Centre for the Talented Youth of Ireland.

She spent a minimum of three hours per day studying and tutoring in addition to working on the Harry Potter set. Evanna enrolled in the Institute of Education in 2010 in order to retake the test for her high school diploma.


Evanna decided to become an actress when she was 11. The Harry Potter books and movies gave her a lot of ideas. At the time, she was in the hospital because of her strange eating habits, which were caused by a disease.

In 2006, she tried out for the part of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. After competing with 15,000 other girls, she was soon chosen for the movie. Evanna Lynch’s first role was in the movie “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” which came out in 2007.

After getting a lot of praise for her role, she played Luna Lovegood in the second part of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” in 2011. The movie was a huge success and is now the fifth highest-grossing film of all time.

She also gave her character a voice in the video games they made together. The actress has also been on the cover of Runway Magazine and modeled for many well-known brands. In the 2013 play Houdini, she played Bess Houdini for the first time.

Evanna Lynch has been in some of the best movies, such as “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (2007), “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” (2009), “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (2011), “G.B.F.” (2012), and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (2015). (2013) and “My Name Is Emily” are the big hits that Evanna has made.

Evanna Lynch Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth, As of 2022, Evanna Lynch’s net worth is about $5 million US. She is one of the best Irish actresses and has been in a number of movies that were big hits. She became a millionaire after having a lot of success in movies, and her wealth keeps growing every year.

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She has an impressive amount of money because of her work in movies and TV. Aside from the movies, she also makes a lot of money through brand endorsements, commercials, and sponsorships for well-known companies.

Evanna Lynch gets paid more than $500,000 a year. Evanna is thought to be one of the best activists in the country when it comes to charity and social work.

Personal Life

Robbie Jarvis, a well-known actor, and Evanna Lynch used to be together. In 2007, they met on the Harry Potter set. Evanna and Robbie have been dating since 2007, and they made it official in 2015.

In November 2016, however, Evanna said that she and Jarvis were no longer together. After breaking up with Robbie, Lynch has again said that she is now dating the singer Andel. Since 2017, they have been seen together.

Evanna Lynch Net Worth

Aside from that, Evanna used to have an eating disorder, and she hasn’t eaten meat since she was 11. Later in 2015, she said that she became a vegan because she was worried about how people were willing to let animals be treated badly.


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