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Hello Wordle Download: How to Download Wordle on Your Android, Computer, iOS?

Wordle has been on the NYT website for a while now, but it’s still free, even though the Times has changed some of the answers.

But don’t worry if you’re afraid of losing Wordle. You can download the game now and play it for free on your computer, phone, or tablet for as long as you want, or at least until October 2027, when the list of 2,315 Wordle answers runs out.

Aaron Rieke wrote a thread on Twitter about how Wordle works completely in your web browser. Technically, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to play Wordle, since all of the daily words are already on the page (even on the NYT). If you download a Wordle web archive, the game only needs to know what date it is on your device to give you a new word puzzle every day.

How to Download Wordle to Your Computer

Wordle is easy to download to your computer, no matter if you have a Mac or Windows computer or use Chrome or Safari as your web browser.

1. Open your favorite web browser and go to the official Wordle website.

2. Next, right-click anywhere on the page.

3. Then, use one of the options in the menu that comes up to save the page to your computer.

Depending on which web browser you use, it might say Save As (Chrome) or Save Page As (Safari). No matter which option you choose, the Wordle page should be downloaded as an HTML file.

Now, all you have to do is click on the HTML file you just downloaded to open the Wordle page you saved. You can now use it even when you’re not online. But it won’t bring over your streaks from before, so it’s like you’re playing for the first time.

Hello Wordle Download

How to download Wordle for Android

You can also save a webpage to your Android phone or tablet just like you can on a desktop computer. The download process may be different for each web browser, but we’ll use Chrome for this example because most Android devices already have it installed. To get Wordle on an Android device:

1. First, use the Chrome app to go to the Wordle website.

2. Tap the menu with three dots in the upper right corner.

3. Finally, click the download icon (an arrow pointing down on a line) to save the Wordle page to your computer.

At the bottom of Chrome, you’ll see a message that says the Wordle webpage has been downloaded to your Android. To play Wordle when you’re not connected to the internet, go to Chrome’s three-dot menu and tap Downloads. There, you should see the Wordle page, which you can still use even if Wordle starts charging for its services or shuts down.

Hello Wordle Download

How to Get Wordle on an iPhone or iPad

Lastly, you can download Wordle to your iPhone or iPad and use it without an internet connection. To do this, you’ll need the free Microsoft Edge web browser, which you can get from the App Store. Do the following after you’ve downloaded Microsoft Edge:

1. Open Safari and go to the Wordle website.

2. Click the Share button.

3. Click on Options next to the URL of the page.

4. Choose “Web Archive” and then tap “Done.”

5. In the share sheet, tap Save to Files.

6. Pick a folder and hit the Save button.




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