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Igmods: How to Use, What It Can Do, and Is It Safe?

It is a modified version of Facebook’s official Instagram program that lets you get more Instagram followers. It is a well-known app that has features that may help Instagram users, among other people. For some of the app’s features to work, it needs extra permissions, which must be given when the app is downloaded.

You can store audio and video on it, and you can also download Instagram and Story videos. Other features include the ability to copy comments and see the whole profile picture. The program also comes with other features, such as.



– The IGmods app lets you save photos and videos from Instagram.

– No advertising between tales.

– The app makes it easier to see full profile pictures.

– A great way to talk to people.

– This software lets you know when one of your followers stops following you.

— User-friendly interface

– Your comments should be simple.

How to use

– To start, click here to go to the IGmod website.

You’ll also have to open the app and choose from the options shown in your website profile.

To install Tutu VIP or get Free Instagram Likes, all you have to do is touch the Tutu VIP app.


There are very detailed instructions on how to use each app, which include:

  • Enter the username of the Instagram account whose photos and videos you want to see.
  • Tap “Connect,” and then make sure the account you want to unlock is the one that comes up.
  • Go ahead and finish the human verification process to show that you’re not a robot.


If the apps you want aren’t on the Google Playstore, you might have to take the risk of getting them from third parties or unknown sources.


With the help of the apps for Instagram, you can find a lot of cool things. The features that can be looked at will only help you use Instagram’s many features on your phone more effectively by using IGmods.

Is Safe?

Even though it is customized software, it is completely safe to use. The people who make software take a number of steps to make sure users are safe. With the app, you can do things like getting likes on, get blue ticks, see what’s in a secret account, and a lot more.

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