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Is Shawn Pomrenke in Jail? What Did Shawn Do?

Shawn Pomerenke and his father are often on the Discovery Channel show “Bering Sea Gold,” which is called “Gold Divers” in the UK. Shawn and his father own the dredge Christine Rose, which is where the channel likes to do most of its filming.
They spend their time at sea looking for gold on the seafloor. Shawn doesn’t always follow in his Father’s moral and ethical footsteps, even though his Father is known for being morally strong.
Pomerenke has been in two incidents that got a lot of attention. In the first, he was severely hurt, and in the second, he was arrested on several counts.

Is Shawn Pomrenke In Jail? 

Shawn Pomrenke did not have to go to jail because of what happened, but the outcome of the charges has not been made public.
TMZ says that Shawn was arrested in 2012 on suspicion of DUI after he allegedly hit a pedestrian from behind and tried to get away from the police.
Pomerenke was involved in a much more scary event in 2013. Even though what follows is enough to change people’s minds about the nice person, most people still need to be persuaded. As Shawn pulled out of a parking spot, he hit a customer who was carrying their groceries.
When the police finally found Pomerenke, they had him blow into a breathalyser, which showed that he had a blood alcohol level of.125.

What Did Shawn Pomrenke Do?

The co-owner of the largest gold dredge shown on the show, Shawn Pomrenke, was arrested in Nome, Alaska, on December 9, 2012, and charged with four counts of DUI. He drove without insurance, ran away from the scene of the accident, and was attacked in the third degree.
The criminal complaint says that as Shawn was backing out of a parking lot, he hit a person carrying groceries, smiled, and then ran away.
When police caught up with Shawn on the road, they say he admitted to having a few drinks and driving without insurance. Shawn is said to have failed a field sobriety test and had a blood alcohol level of.125, which is close to twice the legal limit.
Shawn was taken into custody right away. Discovery didn’t say anything, and Shawn’s lawyer didn’t call back when he was called.

Shawn Pomrenke Arrest And Charges

Pomrenke, who played the main character on the popular Discovery Channel show “Bearing Sea Gold: Under the Ice,” was pulled over by police for going over 100 mph and blowing over the legal limit for DUI.
Shawn was also charged with driving without insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, and third-degree assault on a citizen. This is in addition to the three other charges.
Pomrenke was caught in November because he had to go fast. Police reports say that Pomrenke was going 102 mph on the highways in Nome, Alaska. This was a record-setting speed. Police also noticed that when he changed lanes, he did not signal.
In 2012, Shawn Pomerenke and another customer at the same bar got into a fight. After some words were said, someone pulled out a knife. After being stabbed in the back during the fight, Shawn had to spend some time in the hospital getting better.
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