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Josephine Langford Net Worth: How Much is the Worth of She?

As of 2022, Australian actress Josephine Langford had a net worth of $4 million US dollars. She became well-known for playing Tessa Young in the popular romantic movie sequel After. Overnight, the actress went from being unknown to being one of the most famous people in Hollywood.

Josephine’s fame grew after she played roles like Emma Webber on the scary web series Wolf Creek and Darcie Chapman in the series Wish Upon, among others. The actress started her career when she was young and has since gained a huge number of fans in the entertainment business.

She is also known for being the famous actress Katherine Langford’s younger sister. So, today we’ll talk about Josephine Langford’s total net worth, including her salary, career, biography, luxury lifestyle, and how she spends her money. Read on to learn many more interesting things about the new star.


In 2012, when she was 13, she started taking acting classes at Perth Film School. In 2013, Josephine’s first role was in a Sex Ed short film that was only seven minutes long. She then acted in other short films, such as When Separating (2013) and Gypsy Blood (2014). In the second half of 2017, she was in the independent film Pulse, which was shown at film festivals.

Josephine’s first movie role was as Darcie Chapman, a supporting character, in the American horror film Wish Upon, which Joey King also starred in. In the same year, 2017, Josephine made her first TV show appearance as Emma Webber on the horror show Wolf Creek.

In the 2019 movie After, she plays Tessa Young, which is her most well-known role. She became well-known because of this role because of how well she played it. In 2019, she was nominated for the Teen Choice Award. The movie made more than $70 million at the box office around the world.

The movie was a huge hit, and it spawned three more movies: After We Collided, After We Fell, and After Ever Happy. Josephine won the Favorite Young Actress of 2021 award from Just Jared in 2021.

Besides that, in 2019, Josephine played the role of Clair in the horror web series Into the Dark. At the end of that year, she played Emma Cunningham in the Netflix comedy-drama movie Moxie.

Josephine Langford’s Net Worth:

As of 2022, it is thought that Josephine Langford’s net worth will be about $4 Million US. She has done a lot of well in her career in just a few years. She rose to fame at a young age and is known as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the business.

Josephine is just starting out in her career, but it looks like she will soon be one of the highest-paid stars in the Hollywood movie business. Most of the roles she’s played have been big hits, which is where most of her money comes from.

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Her first movie was a big hit After making more money than expected around the world (nearly $70 million), the 2020 sequel made almost $48 million at the box office. Josephine is also very active on social media, like Instagram, where she has more than 4 million fans who follow her. Josephine Langford makes about $600,000 a year.

How Old is Josephine Langford?

Josephine Langford was born in Perth, Australia, on August 18, 1997. She is 25 years old now.

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