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Les Gold Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does He Gather in His Carrier?

Les Gold is the leader of American Jewelry and Loan. He has a lot of charm. His family has been pawnbrokers for three generations. Les Gold is known for being on the TruTV show “Hardcore Pawn.”

Les Gold Net Worth

Les Gold is the charismatic leader of American Jewelry and Loan. He is the third generation of his family to work as a pawnbroker. Les Gold is worth $5 million in total. Les Gold is well-known for being on the “Hardcore Pawn” show on TruTV.

Les Gold Early Years and Work

Leslie (Les) Gold was born on June 20, 1950, in Detroit, MI. Les is the third person in his family to work in the pawn business. His grandfather was a Jewish pawnbroker who ran a shop in Detroit, Michigan, called “Sam’s Loans,” which has since closed.

When he was seven, Les made his first sale at his grandfather’s store. He started his first business when he was 12 years old. He bought pizza by the slice and then sold it to his high school classmates at The Hebrew School in Michigan.

In 1978, American Jewelry and Loan was the first pawn shop to open in Gold. It was at the Green Eight Shopping Center on the well-known 8 Mile Road in Oak Park, Michigan. In 1993, the store moved to where it is now. It is now on Greenfield Road near 8 Mile in Detroit, in a building that used to be a bowling alley.


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 Les Gold Career

In 2011, he opened a second shop in Pontiac. His jewelry store takes up 50,000 square feet and has more than 45 employees. He is a tough pawnbroker from the old days who is known for being hard to deal with. There are now five locations of the pawnshop in Michigan, and about 200 people work there.

The family-owned American Jewelry and Loan is more than just a pawn shop. Seth, who is Les’s son, is in charge of running the shop. All marketing is up to him. His daughter Ashley helps him run the store. All of his children work there, and he hopes that one day they will run the business.

Les started a show on TruTV called Hardcore Pawn in 2009. Before that, an independent producer named Richard Dominick saw ads for Gold’s store during a commercial break on an episode of “Jerry Springer” and got in touch with him. Dominick talked to the Gold family about making a reality TV show about his pawnshop.

At first, Les didn’t like the idea, but his son Seth kept pushing for it. Finally, in late 2009, the pilot for “Hardcore Pawn” came out, with Les and Mike Hamson at the helm as co-executive producers. From the third season on, both Les and Seth were named as executive producers.

RDF USA makes the American documentary reality show Hardcore Pawn. This show is mostly about how the staff and the customers talk to each other, which can be dramatic, funny, or just plain weird. People have said that Hardcore Pawn is just another show that tries to cash in on the success of Pawn Stars.

Les, on the other hand, says that Hardcore Pawn is a better show about a pawn shop than Pawn Stars. People from many different kinds of places go to his pawnshop. It’s about how the pawn shop American Jewelry and Loan, which is owned by a family, works now. Some people also think that some of the scenes in Hardcore Pawn were set up.

But Les argues in favor of the show by saying that none of it was made. Two million people watched the first episode of “Pawn Stars,” making it the most-watched premiere in truTV’s history.

Les Gold Other Projects

In June 2013, Gold’s first book came out. “For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker” was the name of the book. The book, which was published by Penguin/Portfolio, tells how he opened his successful shop and gives advice to other people in the same field.

The book was number four on the “How-To” section of the New York Times Best Seller List for the week ending June 30, 2013. The next month, it was number 8 on the list of business books with hardcovers.

Gold gives a lot of money to The Heat and Warmth (THAW) Fund, which helps people in need. The group helps low-income families in the area pay their heating and electricity bills. In the past, he has held fundraisers at his store. A party called “Hardcore THAW” raised more than $40,000 for THAW in February 2013.

Les Gold Net Worth

Les Gold Personal Life

Gold has been married to his wife, Lilli Gold, since 1975. Gold’s whole family works at the shop, and he hopes that one day they will be able to run it on their own. Seth, his son, is the general manager and in charge of all marketing.

\His daughter Ashley works there as the assistant manager. In 2009, Les started a reality show called Hardcore Pawn on TruTV. It is an American documentary reality TV show made by RDF USA. The main focus is on the drama, conflicts, humor, and absurdity between the shop’s employees and their customers, not on how important what people bring in is.

People have said that the show is just a rip-off of Pawn Stars that tries to make money off of its popularity. But Les defended the show by saying that it was more realistic than Pawn Stars about how a pawn shop works.

It shows what people from all walks of life do every day at American Jewelry and Loan, a family-owned pawn shop. Others say that some scenes have been set up, but Les defends the show by saying that nothing has been set up.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Les Gold Still Exist?

In 1993, he moved it to where it is now, a 50,000-square-foot building on Greenfield Road near 8 Mile in Detroit that used to be a bowling alley. The company now has 5 locations, employs up to 200 people, and serves about 1,000 customers every day.

How Much Money Does Les Have?

People think that Les Gold, who is better known as Les Gold, is worth $5 million. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and he is the charismatic leader of American Jewelry and Loan, which he opened in Detroit in 1978. His family has been pawnbrokers for three generations.



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