Mahjong Titans: Strategies and Tips For Winning the Game

Mahjong Titans is an online strategy game which will become familiar to many internet users since it is included as a part of the popular Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems. In addition, it can also be played within a virtual online environment using one’s own browser. The concept of this game is to eliminate all of the 1440 tiles on the game board by matching up free tiles with corresponding free tiles in other positions. Players can try out the game in an ” Exhibition ” setting or choose to play against another live player.

This game has a simple scoring system based on how much free tiles are present in the board after players finish playing their turns. A player’s score is simply the number of free tiles that they have accumulated as well as the number of tiles that are remaining when free cleopatra slots the game ends. The best strategy for winning in mahjong titans involves assembling a set of sequential pairs consisting of at least four tiles. Free tiles that are connected to adjacent tiles are ignored by the computer, and only free tiles that cannot be connected to any other tiles are counted. In a seven-turn game, the most efficient strategies include using the same tiles in consecutive pairs, as well as pairs that share a matching color with adjacent tiles.

If mahjong titans players want to build a stronger board than what the computer is capable of seeing, they may consider matching three of four color tiles. The matched colors will produce a mahjong titans board with at least five color combinations that are not immediately obvious. Once these types of mismatches are double diamond free slots discovered, the computer is not capable of seeing the combinations that are hidden beneath the first layer of tiles.

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