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Michael Faraday Biography, Early Life and Education!

Michael Faraday was an English scientist who made pioneering contributions to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

Born in Newington, Surrey on September 22, 1791, Faraday grew up in poverty and had very little formal education.

However, he had an insatiable curiosity and a keen mind that would eventually lead him to become one of the most influential scientists of the 19th century.

Early Life and Education

Faraday’s father was a blacksmith who moved the family to London when Michael was still young. Despite their humble circumstances, his mother was determined to provide him with some education, and he began attending a local school at the age of 14.

However, he had to leave school after just two years to work as an apprentice to a bookbinder, which is where he first developed an interest in science.

In his free time, Faraday read books on science and attended lectures by eminent scientists of the day, such as Sir Humphry Davy.

Faraday’s eagerness to learn and his natural ability soon caught Davy’s attention, and in 1813, he was offered a job as his assistant at the Royal Institution.

Michael Faraday Biography

Career and Achievements

Faraday spent the next 54 years of his life at the Royal Institution, conducting groundbreaking experiments and making numerous important discoveries.

In 1821, he demonstrated the first electric motor, which used an electromagnet to create rotational motion. He also discovered electromagnetic induction, the principle that a changing magnetic field can induce an electric current in a nearby conductor.

Faraday’s work on electromagnetic induction led to the development of the first generator, which produced electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. This laid the foundation for the development of the modern electrical power industry.

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Faraday’s work also had important implications for chemistry. He discovered benzene, a hydrocarbon compound that is used in the production of plastics, synthetic fibers, and other materials.

He also developed the laws of electrolysis, which describe the relationship between the amount of electric current flowing through a solution and the amount of chemical reaction that occurs.

Faraday was a prolific experimentalist who kept detailed notes on all his experiments. His work on electromagnetism and electrochemistry laid the foundation for much of modern physics and chemistry, and his discoveries continue to have practical applications in a wide range of fields.

Legacy and Honors

Despite his many achievements, Faraday remained modest and unassuming throughout his life. He was a deeply religious man who believed that his work was a way of understanding God’s creation.

He declined many honors that were offered to him, including a knighthood, and instead preferred to focus on his research.

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Faraday’s legacy is celebrated in many ways today. The SI unit of capacitance is named after him, as is the Faraday constant, which describes the amount of electric charge carried by one mole of electrons.

The Royal Society of London has been awarded the Faraday Medal for outstanding contributions to experimental physics since 1950, and the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at the University of Cambridge is named in his honor.


Michael Faraday was a true scientific pioneer whose work revolutionized our understanding of electricity and chemistry. Despite his lack of formal education, he had an insatiable curiosity and a natural talent for experimental science that allowed him to make groundbreaking discoveries throughout his long and illustrious career.

His work has had a profound impact on many aspects of modern life, from the development of electrical power to the production of plastics and other materials. Faraday remains an inspiration to scientists and non-scientists alike, and his legacy continues to be celebrated and studied today.

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