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Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date: Is It Officially Renewed and Canceled?

Fans haven’t seen the anime in a long time, and they’re getting very impatient to see Nozaki Kun Season 2. One of these shows is very simple but still interesting. Near the end, everyone watching was crying, but they didn’t get tired, since the episodes are short.

The fans weren’t happy with how short the first season was, so they want to see more of it now. Also, will the show come back for the next season? Here is everything you need to know.

Gekkan Shoujo, Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun, and Nozaki Kun are all names for the same anime series from Japan. It is based on Izumi Tsubaki’s four-panel manga with the same name.

The story of the manga was used to make the twelve-episode TV anime by Doga Kobo Activity Studio. The show started on July 7, 2014, and ended in September of that same year. From that point on, everyone has been waiting with bated breath for the next season to come out.

What is Nozaki Kun’s Season 2 Renewal Status?

The anime is a typical parody of feelings or a romantic comedy. Still, it was very interesting to see how the story changed and how the characters talked to each other. It was just the right mix of serious and funny parody for a few very moving moments.

So, the crowd really liked this show and watched it right away. Even people who read the manga praised the anime for staying true to the source material.

The history of the establishment was set by the great collection of anime, and the manga series is also very popular. The experts had great things to say about both its manga and anime.

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date

Even so, the creators of Nozaki Kun have not yet confirmed that Season 2 will be made. For the past six and a half years, their fans have been waiting to hear from them. Even so, the makers keep being quiet.

Fans of the show are getting upset because they want to know what will happen to their favorite anime. Since no official decision has been made, the show’s future is still up in the air.

Do the Creators Have Enough to Work With?

We already said that the show is based on a manga with the same name. So, in order to make the next part, it’s important for the studio to have enough material to work with. 2011 was the first year that its manga series came out in parts.

Izumi Tsubaki has put out a total of 12 volumes of her manga so far. Even though the manga is still going, the last volume came out in 2014. So, not only is the anime on hold, but so is the manga.

Doga Kobo had enough material left over after making the first part to make Nozaki Kun Season 2. With the source material they already have, the studio can easily make one more episode of the anime.

Will There Be a Second Season of Nozaki Kun?

When the anime series came out, critics had a lot to say about it. This show has mostly good reviews on every major platform. Ann even thought it was one of the season’s best shows.

Gekkan Shoujo has a great score of 7.93 on MyAnimeList, and the site ranks it as the #144 most popular anime. Not only that, but the manga series is also very popular, and when the anime version came out, sales of the manga series went up as well.

But the first season of the show ended on a strong note. There is still a lot of source material, but the production studio has already used all of the interesting parts. Nozaki Kun Season 2 didn’t have to tie up any loose ends from the first season. So, even though it is popular and people want it, it is unlikely that the anime will ever get a second season.

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date

At the time this was written, the creators of the anime hadn’t yet said when the second season would come out. So, it’s hard to guess when it will come out.

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If the manga series comes back this year, there is a chance that the anime series will also come back. According to theanimedaily, So, if that happens, fans might get to see Season 2 of Nozaki Kun in 2023. We’ll add news to this section as soon as it comes in.

The Production Studio Is Always Busy!

Doga Kobo, the animation studio that made the first season of the anime series, is very busy right now. Before they can start on other shows, the studio needs to finish a few projects.

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date

Already, they said that Osamake and Selection Project would come out this year. They are also working on Mobius Dust, My Senpai is Annoying, and Shikimorie’s Not Just A Cutie. So, making another full-fledged anime series this year will be very hard for them.

Gekkan Shoujo: Plot Details

The main character of this show is a girl named Chiyo Sakura. She is a happy high school student who likes Umetarou Nozaki, who is also in her class. “Let’s Fall in Love,” a popular manga, was written by the second person.

So, when Chiyo tells Umetarou she loves him, he thinks she’s a fangirl and gives her an autograph in response. Chiyo tells Umetaoru that she wants to be with him, so he invites her to his house and helps her draw.

Later, Chiyo agrees to work as her assistant to get closer to him. Let’s Fall in Love is a manga series that they both work on. They also hang out with some of their other classmates and help Chiyo and Umetarou work on the manga.


When the anime series came out, it got a huge response from the experts. Most of the reviews on every major platform about this show are positive. Ann even thought it might have been the best show of the year.

Gekka Shoujo has a great score of 7.93 on MyAnimeList and is ranked #144 in terms of popularity on the same platform. That, but the manga series is also very popular, and the fact that it was made into an anime helped its sales as well.

Any way you look at it, the first season ended on a clear high note. There is still a lot of source material available, but the studio that made the show has already used all of the interesting parts.

When the main part of the story was over, there were no loose ends left for Nozaki Kun Season 2. So, it’s impossible that the anime will ever be made again, no matter how popular it is or how much people want to see it.

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