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One Way Trip Ending: How Does It Hurt Someone That Friendship Is Real?

One Way Trip Ending: South Korea made the movie One Way Trip. Choi’s Jung film stars Ji Soo, Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Jun-myeon, and Kim Hee-chan.

The movie was shown at the 20th Busan International Film Festival from October 1 to October 10, 2015. On October 27, 2016, the movie’s DVD came out.

What happened when the One Way Trip was over? How did the critics rate the movie? Here is all the information you need about One Way Trip.

What Is the One Way Trip Story?

Four close friends, Yong Bi, Ji Gong, Doo Man, and Sang Woo, are in between being young and old. Doo Man wants to go to college on a baseball scholarship, even though he isn’t very good at baseball.

Sang Woo joined the army, which surprised his grandmother, who is his only guardian. The four friends decide to go to Pohang one more time before Sang Woo has to report for his military service. They want to go to the beach and eat raw seafood.

But their fun trip comes to an abrupt end when, late at night, they see a man beating up his female girlfriend on the waterfront.

One Way Trip Ending

Yong Bi jumps in right away to help the woman and asks his friends to do the same. They do this, but the fight gets worse and turns into a full-blown fight. The father is knocked out, and the kids, even though they didn’t do anything wrong, run away to avoid making things worse.

But this chase ends in a crash that none of the friends could have seen coming. As the boys try to figure out what happened because of what they did, friendships, rules, and people in charge will be broken and put to the test.

One Way Trip Main Cast

  • Ji Soo as Kim Yong-b
  • Ryu Jun-yeol as Yoon Ji-gong
  • Kim Jun-myeon as Jeong Sang-woo
  • Kim Hee-chan as Park Doo-man

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One Way Trip: Reviews

Way Trip by Choi Jeong-One Yeol is a story about losing one’s innocence and losing hope. No matter how sad the story gets, the movie moves quickly, subtly, and in ways that are surprising. One Way Trip doesn’t have a happy ending full of self-discovery and revelations.

The movie was made well, even though it wasn’t very exciting. This may help it get into festivals around the world that focus on Asia. Notable in cities where CJ Entertainment’s reputation should make people feel good about them.

A boring movie with an opening that takes up almost half of its running time. With the help of colours, it’s easy to see that the present is a lot darker than the past. Besides this artistic trick, the movie by Choi Jeong-first Yeol doesn’t do anything.

The script isn’t very good either. It has some interesting goals, but it turns out that it can’t fully reach them. We find out way too late that a much more important film lies beneath the film’s ordinary surface.

One Way Trip Ending

Also, the different characters are not written well. Still, it’s easy to feel sorry for them because they’re nice people who won’t let bad things happen. Yong-bi, who is the most outgoing, is a good example of this.

We even know about his past. But the other people in the story are boring. Sang-woo is very close to his grandmother. You can also see the parents of some of the other people.

Only Ryu Jun-Yeol has been in a full-length movie, “Social phobia,” so the young cast doesn’t have enough experience to make up for the script’s flaws.

The police are shown in a bad light, and relationships are emphasised. We think the case will get harder because there aren’t many clues and the police don’t seem to care.

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What Is the Movie’s Moral Problem?

You probably didn’t think the movie would end with a moral question. That’s why this situation is bad. We’re a little confused because the movie could go in any direction up to this point.

Because the characters don’t show much emotion, the drama can’t help the movie get through some slow parts. Things end up going terribly wrong. “One Way Trip” is brave and should be praised for that. Until then, you have to watch a movie that isn’t original.

Several scenes, especially the fights, show that the movie was made by amateurs. Also, the music doesn’t always go with it. Overall, this drama may lose its appeal quickly.

If you stick with it until the end, you’ll get a sad tone that makes the image look a lot better. Still, the drama’s sad tone deserves praise. In retrospect, it also makes the bond between the four boys stronger. But it’s not something I would strongly recommend.

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One Way Trip Trailer

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