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Why Study Cyber Security and 8 Reasons to Get a Degree in Cybersecurity?

It is becoming more and more obvious that the internet is essential to our way of life and economy. As a result, an increasing amount of personal information, including information about our bank accounts and medical records, is kept online. Cybercriminals now have a target in the form of the increased amount of data that is stored and accessed online.

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, over $7 million is currently spent on data breaches on average, and over 43% of Americans have been victims of cybercrime. It comes as no surprise that cybersecurity is one of the industries in the US that is expanding the quickest given how dependent the world is on technology.

The main goal of earning a degree in cybersecurity is to get ready for a job in this fast-expanding industry. You may become a significant asset to any business, big or small, with the correct education. Here are just a handful of the many benefits of considering a degree in cybersecurity:

Why Study Cyber Security?

George Kamis, CTO of Forcepoint, claims, “I’ve been in cybersecurity since, well, the inception of cybersecurity.” “And the fact that this field is constantly evolving is something I admire. There appears to be a new cyberattack-related news story every day.

While some people, like Kamis, may like the challprogramenge of protecting networks from ever-evolving dangers and attack strategies, there are other things to enjoy as well. Continue reading to find out what else Kamis and the others had to say.

1. You’ll Be in High Demand

The need for qualified specialists grows as the number of cyberattacks rises. Unfortunately, there is currently and will continue to be a global scarcity of cybersecurity professionals.

Although there are several initiatives and programs targeted at boosting the number of cybersecurity personnel, the demand still outweighs the supply. It implies that you will be in great demand by employers provided you possess the necessary abilities and credentials.

You may acquire the skills and information necessary to defend our economy and way of life against these cyber threats by enrolling in an online master’s programme in cybersecurity. It further equips you to assume leadership positions inside enterprises and support the establishment of a solid cybersecurity culture.

2. You’ll Be Well-paid

Cybersecurity can be an extremely lucrative field of work. A cybersecurity specialist makes over $116,000 a year on average. Additionally, if you have the necessary training and credentials, you can easily make more than $200,000 a year.

In addition to the pay, there are several chances for career progression. You can advance into management and leadership positions as you gain knowledge and experience. The most priceless resources of an organization will be under your protection.

3. You Can Work Anywhere in the World

Since cybersecurity is a worldwide industry, employment possibilities are available everywhere. There will be a career for you whether you choose to stay close to home or travel the world. You may even work from anywhere in the globe as long as you have an internet connection thanks to the growth of remote working.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that many positions will need you to move to the location where the company is headquartered. Therefore, if you’re thinking about a career in cybersecurity, keep this in mind when you make your choice.

4. You’ll Make a Difference

There are numerous methods to change the world. Few, though, have the same influence as a career in cybersecurity. Every day, you’ll be working to keep people’s financial and personal information safe from hackers.

Additionally, you’ll be tasked with protecting our vital infrastructure, such as hospitals and power facilities, against invasions. Your efforts will be essential to ensuring that our society can run smoothly in a world that depends more and more on technology.

A profession in cybersecurity offers both financial and personal satisfaction. You’ll be in charge of safeguarding people’s private information and defending them from online crooks. Although it is a difficult and dynamic area, it also has a positive impact on society.

5. You’ll Have a Transferable Skill Set

Your skill set will be portable and useful in any business if you have a degree in cybersecurity. Whether you choose to work in the public or private sector, you will have a role to play.

Additionally, your talents will be in great demand if you ever decide to change careers. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that a lot of jobs will call for you to have specific experience in the cybersecurity industry. And the reason is that you’ll learn highly specific knowledge and abilities.

6. You Can Work Flexibly

In the realm of cybersecurity, there are many different ways to work flexibly. You can opt to work from home, or you can choose to work freelance or part-time. You’ll be able to work flexibly if you have a degree in cybersecurity. Today, a lot of businesses give their employees the option of working remotely and having flexible hours.

You may therefore simply locate a career that fits your lifestyle if you need to or wants to. Depending on your company, you may have more alternatives than most other professions. Keep in mind that earning a degree in cybersecurity not only pays out financially but also personally. Make the appropriate decision for you and don’t turn around.

7. You Can Start Your Own Business

Today’s businesses are susceptible to cyberattacks. To assist firms to defend themselves, there is a rising demand for cybersecurity experts. You are equipped with the knowledge and abilities to launch your firm if you have a degree in cybersecurity. His

decision is yours as to whether you want to work as a consultant or launch your own cybersecurity business. And you can achieve great success if you have the correct business knowledge. It’s a cutthroat industry, but you can succeed if you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

8. You Can Work Anywhere in the World

You can find employment all across the world if you have a degree in cybersecurity. There are no physical borders. Additionally, if you have the necessary qualifications and expertise, you can obtain employment abroad with ease.

Therefore, if you feel like changing your surroundings, you can do so without any issues. You will be in great demand everywhere you travel because of the worldwide nature of the sector. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that if you wish to work abroad, you might require a work visa.


A cybersecurity degree is an excellent method to advance your profession. It’s a field with lots of prospects and is expanding quickly. Additionally, you can employ this skill set in any business because it is extremely transferrable. Therefore, if you’re seeking a new challenge, earning a degree in cybersecurity can be the best option. Are you prepared to advance in your career?

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