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Rslash Face Reveal: Let’s Learn More About the Reveal of His Real Face.

The face shows that Rslash is a YouTuber who mostly uses text from Reddit to tell stories in his videos. Fans were curious about whether or not rSlash’s face had been shown on YouTube.

Yes, it really did happen, and now we can see his face! Read the whole article below to learn more about Rslash face reveal, including what he looks like, his real name, his family, etc.

Who Is Rslash?

On YouTube, Dabney M. Bailey is known as rSlash. He is an American who mostly uses text from Reddit to narrate his videos. In his movies, rSlash goes to a lot of subreddits where people post funny or annoying stories. Yugo, his dog, shows up in some of his videos.
In 2015, he started his first channel, which was called Dabbacabb. He mostly streamed on Twitch, but in the future he would put highlights of his Overwatch games on his YouTube channel.
Until 2018, when his YouTube channel started to lose money, that was true. So, he started looking for new things to write about in the future.

Rslash Face Reveal

You want to watch a video of the face of rSlah? It’s in the same article, which you can find below. On June 14, 2019, when his channel had 1 million subscribers, he put up a video of himself. His channel is now watched by 1.9 million people. He has shown his face, but he hasn’t told us how old he is. He did tell us that November 16 was his birthday.
He showed in the video that rSlash wasn’t the only YouTube account he had. More than a million people watched the video. On his other YouTube channel, Dabacabb, he posted videos of Overwatch and funny things that happened to him while he was playing games.

Rslash Net Worth

Based on the 1.81 million people who follow his main YouTube channel and the fact that he has posted more than 900 videos, he is probably worth more than $5 million. Not included are the YouTube channels he used to have. Dabney, whose name is rSlash, can be found on Instagram at @rslashyt.

On the other hand, he doesn’t really use Instagram. On Twitter, where he spends more time, he is known as @rslashyt, which is his handle.

What is Rslash’s Real Name?

rSlash’s real name is Dabney M. Bailey. In one of his videos where he showed his face, he said this. He hasn’t said how old he really is on YouTube.
He does, though, have a birthday every year on November 16. We can figure out how old rSlash is by looking at pictures of him. People don’t know how old he is, but his YouTube account looks pretty young. His account looks like it was made on January 8, 2019.

Who is Rslash Wife?

rSlash is married to Siyu “Nicole” Shan. She is Chinese-American and works in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at the University of Maryland, College Park as an Account and Business manager.

They have a daughter in May 2021, and they name her “Lily.” He said that his birthday is November 16 in a video posted on September 11, 2021.

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