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Is Alternatives Safe and Free IP Service in 2022?

One of the most well-known IP booting and IP stressing websites available is called StressThem, and it offers up to 1.1 gigabits of bandwidth stress testing. Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks, which include UDPMIX, CLDAP, and DNS among others, can also be launched by Stressthem. Their website has reportedly been down recently, and we can attest that it has now been down for about three weeks (since this post).

What is Stressthem?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) booters like Stressthem offer their services for hire. Customers can test their networks using this free IP STRESSER service. Typically, this booter launches assaults using botnets. However, the booter service is directed at a server that you do not control.

IP stresser services are useful and essential for operating profitable internet businesses. It has a 1000 Gbps capacity; the more Gbps, the more power is put through a stress test. However, Stressthem offers a superb selection of programs with the option for monthly service renewal for the client.

Additionally, it guarantees the frequency, timing, and strength of attacks. There are three different package types. The entry-level package, the premium package, and the enterprise package are those. Additionally, this service provides payment options that permit both buyers and sellers to maintain their anonymity.

To expedite the payment procedure, it uses bitcoins. Additionally, it guarantees the client’s security and privacy. The vendor can choose to hide his identity here, making it more challenging for users to find the seller.

Is Stressthem Safe?

Users’ reviews and website support indicate that StressThem is not secure, so it is advised that you use one of the reliable IP booting services that are currently available on the market instead. Always use the free IP stresser to test a website to see if the owner or support staff will reply to your help requests first. Alternatives

Why Is Stressthem Not Working?

StressThem lost their work a month ago after being duped, and they are no longer employed. The domain still points to a server, therefore it will be important to monitor what happens in the future. There’s a chance it will expire or take you to a different Stresser website. If this is true, only time will tell.


  • The Secure Sockets Layer certificate, often known as an SSL certificate, is operational.
  • It makes sure that the services it offers are current.
  • Customers can sign up for a free trial and then select from a variety of subscription plans afterward.
  • Customers of Stressthem have access to a wide range of programs.
  • It can transfer data at a speed of up to 1000 Gbps.
  • The consumer has the option to renew the services on a monthly basis.
  • It safeguards the client’s privacy and security.


  • Compared to other payment options, bitcoins are utilized by a relatively limited number of people, which is problematic from the attacker’s point of view.
  • Finding the vendor or the owner of the property is challenging. because it makes use of an anonymous payment system.
  • A group called Stressthem gathers in high-risk zones.
  • It’s probable that it will offer services involving high-risk cryptocurrencies.
  • Numerous questionable websites have been found to be hosted on this server.
  • Many jurisdictions may consider DDoSing to be illegal. Alternatives

Best Alternatives

1.) Freestresser. to

According to Alexa, this website is presently ranked 35773rd in Turkey and 383528nd overall. You may test your network’s resilience to stress for free to make sure it is secure.


The most potent assault Stresser Service is available on our website. which continues to hold the industry’s top spot in the 1500 Gbit/s market. According to Alexa, the website now ranks 27,900 in Turkey and 456,701 globally.


It has been running at an average speed of 800 Gbit/s for the last eight years, making it the most potent and successful IP booter. Turkey is now ranked 30,778th in the nation and 213,363rd in the globe.


It has a sizable amount of power and an easy-to-use stress testing interface. During a stress test, speeds of up to 200 Gbps are attainable. proxy Sites

These proxy sites are listed along with their xranks rankings and daily visits.

Website Rank Visitors 129,533 372K 152,167 321.9k 473,807 115.9K 603,240 93.3k 681,365 83.6k 1,060,829 56.2k 10M+ 7.5K

Final Words

With an estimated 5,100 daily unique visits, is quite well-liked. It has an IP address of and is hosted on a server in the Netherlands. It is the market’s most stable and dependable IP stresser.

All users and customers can sign up, try anything out for free, and then select a plan. However, it is regarded as the market’s strongest service at the moment.

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