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Ticker Tape App Review: How To Stock Screener, Watchlists, Deals & MMI Guide

This is a review of the Ticker Tape app. This Stock Analysis App is one of the best technical and fundamental stock market tools you can get for your iOS or Android phone. If you have a PC with Windows 10, a Mac, or any other computer operating system, you can go to to use Screeners to do your own analysis without having to pay a subscription fee. The Pro version of this app gives you access to even more features and forecasts.

Developed by Tickertape
Category FINANCE
Rating 4.5 Stars
Downloads Over 1,000,000+

How to Use Ticker Tape App Screener

Here, I’ll show you the way. How to use Tickertape to look at stocks?–

  • First, on the app’s Homescreen, there are different buttons just below the NIFTY 50 index tracker.
  • There, tap the Screener button.
  • This app gives you a screen that is already set up to make your work easier.
  • You can use one of the saved screens or use the Create Screen button to make your own.
  • Click on the option to edit the filters.
  • The next step is to choose the right filter parameters.
  • The “Add filters” button lets you make your own filters.
  • Once you’ve set all the right parameters, click “Apply Filters.”

You will see the Stocks that match the given parameters. This is how you can use a stock screener.

Ticker Tape App Review

Ticker Tape App Review

TickerTape is a free mobile app for Apple’s iOS iTunes App Store and Android’s Google Play Store that lets you analyze stocks and keep track of them.

In the app, also lets you sign up for paid subscriptions that let you use advanced filters, Screeners, Stock forecasts, and more right from your phone.

This is not just an app that helps you find the best stocks for your needs.

This one puts some of the most important tools right where you can reach them.

This Stock Market app gives you the following tools:

Screener for Stock

This app has one of the best Stock Screeners, which lets you use more than 130 filters to filter out stocks.

The comprehensive screener lets users look for stocks to buy and sell based on the criteria they set.

For beginners, it already has predefined screens like Money Minters, Low-Debt Midcaps, Near 52W Lows, Cash Rich Largecaps, Cash Rich SmallCaps, Limited Variability, and Quality Drifters.

Also, if you sign up for the premium plan, you’ll get premium screens like Cash & Carry Candidates, Opt: Long Build up, Fut: Short Build up, Jamaican Sprinters, Fut: Long Build up, Wealth emissaries, and Goolden Geese.

Market Sentiment Index (MMI)

The Market Mood Index, or MMI for short, is a tool that shows you how the market feels right now.

Using the Indices, it will decide that the current market mood is Extreme Fear, Fear, Greed, or Extreme Greed.

Stock deals

Give you information about the big deals, block deals, and insider trades that have happened with certain stocks.

This will tell you not only which institutions, promoters, or people are involved in deals, but also how many stocks, how much each stock is worth, and how many stocks they trade.


These are the things that any Given Stock Tracking App must have. You can make watchlists for both stocks and mutual funds on TickerTape.

You can track not only the last traded price but also important information, the latest news, and charts.

Buy/Sell Orders

This app can be linked to your online stock broker.

Once you’re connected to the app you use to buy and sell stocks, you can buy and sell right from this app.

At the moment, you can link your Zerodha Kite App, AxisDirect, 5Paisa App, HDFC Securities, Alice Blue, IIFL Securities, Kotak Securities, Trustline, Upstox, and Angel Broking.

Ticker Tape App Review

The Review of Tickertape Pro

There is also a Tickertape Pro app version for people who want to use the advanced features this app has to offer.

The premium version has

At the moment, this app has two different plans: Basic and Pro.

Here’s what makes them different:

Features Basic Pro
Cost Free 118/- month
Filters 70 130
Screens 3 Unlimited
Cus. Filters 3 Unlimited
Exports Yes
Pre.Ideas Yes
MMI Access Current Entire history

Besides this comparison, the pro version has the following features:

  • Priority Support: The free version only gives you basic support from the Knowledge base. But if you pay for a premium plan, you will get Priority support.
  • Investment Checklist: When analyzing a stock, only pro users can see the Default probability, Quality Checks, and growth score.
  • Forecast and Rating: Pro users can see analyst ratings, expected returns, revenue, and forecasts of earnings reports. Investors will be able to make better decisions with the help of these ratings.
  • Offline Exports: You can export the data for offline analysis and download it to your computer or phone.

Fees for Subscriptions

If you sign up for a plan that costs 118 rupees per month, the minimum subscription fee is that amount.

But if you buy a subscription for a longer period of time, you can save money.

Period Price
Monthly Plan 118 rupees
3 Month Plan 336 rupees
6 Month Plan 637 rupees
Yearly Plan 1,133 rupees

Also, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of the premium services if you want to try them out before buying a subscription.

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