Top 9 Online Typing Jobs For Beginners

A typist is responsible for converting various forms of information into written or digital text. This includes typing up documents, transcribing audio recordings, and accurately inputting data into computer systems. Typists must possess excellent typing skills, attention to detail, and often familiarity with relevant software. They play a vital role in organizations by ensuring accurate and well-organized records, documents, and data, contributing to efficient and effective communication and record-keeping.

Top 9 Online Typing Jobs For Beginners
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Top 9 Online Typing Jobs For Beginners

In this article, we will be reading about some of the best typing jobs and platforms that provide this service.

What are the Different Positions in Online Typing Jobs?

Different positions in the world of online typing jobs cater to different needs. Data entry operators are experts at entering data into digital formats quickly and accurately. Transcriptionists methodically convert audio recordings into written texts, which necessitates acute listening abilities.

Captioners create subtitles for videos, ensuring accessibility for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. Freelance typists perform a variety of typing activities, whereas proofreaders rigorously review and fix typed information for errors. In the Internet job market, each occupation requires certain abilities and serves a distinct purpose.


Transcriptionists are necessary in turning spoken content into written documents, and they play an important role in a variety of sectors. They painstakingly convert audio recordings, such as interviews, meetings, or judicial procedures, into accurate written text.

Salary ranges for transcriptionists range from $15 to $30 per hour. Earnings are determined by characteristics such as experience, specialization, and location. To preserve accuracy and efficiency, key skills include great listening ability, a sharp eye for detail, and proficient typing capabilities.

Knowledge of industry-specific vocabulary, as well as strong language and punctuation abilities, are required. Transcriptionists, in general, provide a valuable service by converting spoken words into written records.


Bookkeeping is the systematic recording and arrangement of a company’s or individual’s financial transactions. It entails keeping track of revenue and expenses, as well as ensuring that financial records are correct and up to date. Attention to detail, mathematical expertise, understanding of accounting software, and good organizational skills are essential for bookkeepers.

Bookkeeper salaries vary depending on region, experience, and industry. In the United States, bookkeepers typically make between $20 and $30 per hour. Those with advanced abilities and credentials, on the other hand, can command greater rates, while entry-level occupations may pay less. Bookkeepers are essential assets to firms and people since accurate record-keeping is critical for educated financial decision-making.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a remote professional who assists businesses or individuals with administrative, creative, technical, or personal support. VAs help clients streamline their burdens by performing duties such as email management, scheduling, data entry, research, and more. To succeed as a VA, one must have great communication skills, time management, technological knowledge, and the capacity to work autonomously.

Salaries for virtual assistants can vary greatly depending on expertise, services provided, and location. VAs often make between $15 and $30 per hour in the United States. Some experienced virtual assistants with particular talents or specialty expertise may be paid more. With the advent of remote work, the demand for virtual assistants has increased, making it a flexible and potentially lucrative job option.


Ghostwriting is the activity of writing content on behalf of someone else who is credited as the author, such as books, essays, speeches, or social media posts. Ghostwriters are unidentified, and their work is presented as if it were written by the named author. Ghostwriters must have great writing skills, the capacity to adapt to different writing styles, research skills, and the ability to capture the client’s voice and ideas.

Earnings for ghostwriting are determined by the breadth of the job, the client’s budget, and the writer’s experience. Ghostwriters can make hundreds of dollars for shorter works to several thousand dollars for novels or high-profile enterprises. Rates per hour might range from $15 to $100 or more. Ghostwriting allows writers to engage with a wide range of clients on a variety of themes while remaining anonymous.


Blogging is the process of developing and maintaining a website with written content, often in a conversational and informal style. Bloggers share their ideas, opinions, or skills by writing on certain themes or niches. Writing competency, topic experience, SEO understanding for better visibility, and the ability to interact and connect with an audience through content are all important talents for effective blogging.

The income from blogging varies greatly. Some bloggers earn nothing or very little money, while others generate a lot of money using various monetization tactics like adverts, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or selling digital products.

Earnings might range from a few dollars per month to thousands, if not millions, of dollars each month. Successful bloggers frequently put in time and effort to establish a loyal readership and efficiently monetize their blogs.

Data Entry

Data entry is the process of accurately entering information into computer systems or databases. It necessitates meticulous attention to detail, typing proficiency, and organizational abilities. Data entry salaries are determined by factors such as geography and task difficulty. Data entry clerks in the United States often make between $12 and $20 per hour.


Captioning is the process of providing text-based summaries of spoken content in order to make it accessible to those with hearing impairments or for use in videos. Captioners must have great listening abilities, as well as fast typing speed and accuracy.

Earnings vary, with average rates in the United States ranging from $15 to $40 per hour. Some captioners charge by the video minute, which can range between $1 and $7 or more. Because of accessibility restrictions and the popularity of online video content, the demand for captioning has skyrocketed.


Participating in surveys entails providing comments and opinions on numerous topics or products in exchange for prizes or remuneration. Attention to detail, honesty, and the ability to deliver insightful responses are all needed skills for survey takers.

Survey profits might vary greatly depending on the length, difficulty, and platform used. Survey takers on the internet can earn anywhere from a few cents to many dollars per survey.

While it is not a significant source of income, it can bring some additional cash or gift cards. Many websites and market research firms provide possibilities to engage in surveys, making them accessible to a wide spectrum of people.

Online Chat Agent

An online chat agent, also known as a live chat operator or customer support person, interacts with clients via online chat platforms in order to provide assistance, answer questions, fix difficulties, or provide product/service information.

Strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, typing proficiency, and product knowledge are all necessary for this position. Online chat operators are frequently employed by e-commerce sites, technology firms, or customer care departments.

Online chat agent salaries vary depending on region, company, and level of competence. Hourly salaries in the United States typically vary from $12 to $20 per hour, with experienced agents or those working for larger organizations earning more. As organizations strive to provide real-time help and improve customer satisfaction in the digital era, the need for online chat agents has increased.

What are the Special Skills Required for This Job?

  1. Typing Speed and Accuracy: To avoid errors, typists should type swiftly while maintaining a high level of accuracy.
  2. Strong Grammar and Spelling: It is critical to have a strong knowledge of grammar and spelling in order to produce error-free written content.
  3. Transcriptionists and captioners must have strong listening abilities in order to accurately transcribe spoken language.
  4. Precision is required to detect and rectify typographical problems in typed documents. Meeting deadlines and managing workload efficiently are critical in these professions.
  5. Software Knowledge: Knowledge of applicable software tools and applications, such as transcribing software or spreadsheet programs, is frequently required.
  6. Language Proficiency: Knowledge of specific languages or dialects may be necessary depending on the work.
  7. Adaptability: For independent typists, the ability to adjust to diverse typing tasks and industries is essential. Handling sensitive information while ensuring secrecy is critical, particularly in data entry roles. Patience is required because transcription and captioning duties can be time-consuming and require patience and focus.

Which Companies Provide Entry Level Typing Jobs?

Several firms and platforms provide entry-level typing jobs for anyone interested in earning money through data entry, transcribing, or other related roles. Some popular choices are:

  • Upwork: It is a freelance website that links clients with freelancers for a variety of job opportunities, such as data entry and typing jobs.
  • Fiverr: Another freelance marketplace where you may provide your typing and data entry services to clients in need.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: Amazon’s platform provides micro-tasking opportunities, such as easy data input work appropriate for novices.
  • Clickworker: Clickworker is a platform that assigns remote workers to various online jobs such as data entry and content development.
  • Rev: A well-known for his transcription work, which entails typing up spoken audio. They frequently have entry-level transcription positions available.
  • TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe is a transcription service that specializes in transcribing tasks for novices.
  • CastingWords: Similar to Rev, CastingWords is a transcribing service where you may locate transcription jobs for all skill levels.
  • SigTrack: It is a data input company that specializes in voter registration and petition signatures.
  • SmartCrowd (previously VirtualBee): SmartCrowd is a data entry company that provides data entry keyers with work-from-home opportunities.
  • DionData Solutions: DionData Solutions provides data entry services and engages remote data entry operators on occasion.

Keep in mind that, while these platforms provide entry-level possibilities, competition can be fierce and pay rates may vary. Before agreeing to work, it’s critical to read reviews, grasp the platform’s terms and conditions, and confirm the legitimacy of any company. Developing great typing abilities and precision will also increase your chances of success in these positions.

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