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U.S. Republican lawmakers warn against the U.S. government’s approval to supply automotive chips to Huawei

13 Republican lawmakers expressed concern on Thursday about the US approval of Huawei to purchase chips for its growing auto parts business.  

A member of the Energy and Commerce Committee seen by Reuters stated in a letter to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg whether he was concerned about “Huawei’s search for a foothold in the development of future auto parts, with the purpose of collecting Americans and “Our transportation infrastructure information” is worried.

A Buttigieg spokesperson declined to comment, and a Huawei spokesperson could not immediately respond to a request for comment.  

Republicans, led by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and senior member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, stated that the United States “must not surrender to China and its efforts to dominate high-tech industries, including self-driving cars.”

Reuters reported in August that US officials had approved hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing applications to allow the blacklisted Huawei to buy chips for its growing auto parts business.

Buttigieg was asked in the letter whether he thought “Huawei intends to do what it did in the communications equipment industry in the automotive industry?”  

Huawei told Reuters in August, “We position ourselves as a new component supplier for smart connected cars, and our goal is to help automakers build better cars.” (

Yasmin Kurian
Yasmin Kurian
When Yasmin Kurian was born in Dallas, Texas, she was already a longtime fan of the financial sector and a regular reader of the newspaper. Writing about social security benefits and stimulus checks awareness during the epidemic helped majority of her readers overcome their worry. She began her career in writing/editing at the age of 21.


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