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What Does SPED Mean In Slang?

You’ve undoubtedly heard kids remark things like “You’re so retarded,” or “That’s so SPED!” as you stroll through Wilson’s halls. When someone performs anything regarded as “idiotic,” students use the term “sped” (a popular acronym for special education) as an insult.

“Retarded” and “sped” aren’t words we should use casually, even though many of us don’t mean anything by them. They are disparaging names that many children, particularly those in special education, find insulting and disrespectful.

The careless usage of certain terms leads them to lose their original meaning. Originally, phrases like “mentally retarded” were related to medical terminology, but nowadays, insults like “retarded” and “sped” are used to humiliate and demean people.

We punish people who require special education by using these phrases in this context, emphasizing the notion that they are flawed. We establish a stigma about pupils in special education when we use terms like “retarded” and “sped.”

What Does SPED Mean

We’re not only creating a misleading picture of those with special needs, but we’re also generalizing those in special education. Autism, deaf-blindness, emotional disturbance, intellectual impairment, and traumatic brain damage are among the 13 disabilities included under the umbrella term special education.

We forget that the term “sped” refers to those who have any of these 13 disorders when we use it. Instead, we dismiss them as second-class citizens and undervalue their intelligence. We generalize them by assuming they’re all mentally challenged. This is completely incorrect.

In response to the negative stigma and overuse of the terms “mental retardation,” “Rosa’s Legislation” was passed into US law in 2010 to demonstrate how awful the phrases “retarded” and “sped” had become. In federal health, education, and labor legislation, “Rosa’s Law” substitutes the archaic term “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability.”

Too many of us are unconcerned about the daily struggles that kids with intellectual impairments and in special education face. If we continue to use these derogatory terms, we are all complicit in perpetuating the marginalization of special education children. As a result, I strongly advise everyone at Wilson to refrain from using the phrases “sped” and “retarded.”

What Does SPED Mean

An Academic Look at Special Education

SPED is a portmanteau word since it is created by combining two words into one. It’s made up of the phrases “Special” and “Education.”

What Does the Term SPED Stand For?

SPED is a combination of the words “Special Education” and “Portmanteau.” It’s a slang term for a youngster enrolled in a special education program.

Key Points Synopsis

On Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, the most popular definition for SPED is “Special education.”


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