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What Happened to Katie Stubblefield, Why Did She Shot Her Face?

What Happened to Katie Stubblefield? How Did Katie Stubblefield Fare? Katie was the youngest person in the United States to receive a face transplant; if you’re wondering What Happened To Katie Stubblefield, read Katie’s tale.

She underwent 17 surgeries to reconstruct her face. What Happened To Katie Stubblefield is available by scrolling down the page.

What Happened To Katie Stubblefield, Why Did Katie Shot Her Face?

Katie was anxious during her senior year of high school due to health issues related to an appendectomy. Parents of Katie lost their jobs. On March 25, 2014, Katie’s boyfriend also broke up with her.

The report indicates that a distressed Katie left school early and proceeded to the home of her older brother Robert. Robert notified Alesia, Katie’s mother, that she was no longer in school.

When Alesia arrived, Robert heard what sounded like a door closing. When they entered the restroom, the door was closed and Katie was inside.

what happened to katie stubblefield

Katie Stubblefield Story

Katie did not open the door, and the odor of gunpowder quickly permeated across the room. Katie positioned her brother’s hunting gun under her chin before pulling the trigger.

Before the arrival of the paramedics, Katie’s family feared she was no longer alive. Katie was delivered to the emergency room.

After 17 reconstructive facial surgery, the adolescent’s life was preserved. Katie was the youngest person in the United States to receive a transplant at age 21 after waiting three years for one.

Her face donor was Adrea Schneider, a 31-year-old single mother who battled addiction and died of an overdose. Adrea was nurtured by her grandmother, Sandra Bennington, who decided on face donation.

How Did Katie Stubblefield Lose Her Face

Katie placed the hunting rifle of her brother under her chin before pulling the trigger.

Years went by. Katie’s face was reconstructed after 31 hours of surgeons reattaching nerve endings and reattaching blood arteries. Katie’s relatives visited her to view her new appearance for the first time. Katie spent a great deal of time recovering from facial surgery. She was admitted to rehab.

Katie underwent arduous training in rehabilitation to restore as much normalcy to her life as possible after undergoing surgery.

what happened to katie stubblefield

Where Is Katie Stubblefield Today?

Katie stated in an interview with Nightline that she felt entire again when she touched her face with her hand.

She stated that she was willing to do whatever it needed to regain her face. Katie is adjusting to her new nose, lips, and view on life, according to a second story in The Nightline. Katie has not yet regained her vision, but her condition is improving.

According to December 2020 reports, the family still resides in the Ronald McDonald house. Alesia and Rob supervise every aspect of Katie’s care, from her therapy to her anti-rejection drugs.

According to their statements to The Nightline, Katie had not lost her sense of humor during this tragedy.

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