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What Is This “Color Analysis Tiktok” Thing That Everyone is Doing on Tiktok?

Have you ever worn something and thought the colour didn’t look good on you? How about sick? Well, the reason for that is pretty simple: some colours look better on you than others.
We’re not trying to make you laugh. The truth is this. Think about it: everyone’s skin tone, undertone, hair colour, and eye colour are all different. Even if you don’t think about your style and personality, all of these things affect what colours look good on you.
Something called “colour analysis” has recently gone viral on TikTok, but contrary to what Gen Z thinks, it has been around for a long time. People have been trying to find their colours since the 1980s. But TikTok has some easy ways for you to find yours. But first…

What is This “Color Analysis Tiktok” Thing That Everyone is Doing on Tiktok?

When people say “colour analysis,” they mean finding colours that look good on them based on hue (warm or cool), value (light or dark), and chroma (muted vs. saturated). There are no bad colours in and of themselves, but the hue, value, and chroma of a colour can make it wash out or brighten your skin.

What Does “Color Season” Mean?

Colour seasons are a way to talk about different colour schemes that change with the seasons.
There are more ways than just hue, value, and chroma to divide each season. So, for example, you could be a warm spring or a cool spring. It could be a bright or dark autumn. Make sense?

There Are a Few Tiktok Filters That Help You Find Your Color Season, Which is Good News.

In this video, the TikTok filter is a great way to see all of the colours of each season. You can use the filter to see how your face looks with all the different seasonal colour palettes and choose the one you like best. The name of the filter is “COLOR ANALYSIS gracemchoi,” which tells you what it is for.
If you want something a little less complicated, this “ARMOCROMIA” filter only has four options: spring, summer, fall, and winter. People who are new to “colour analysis” might like this better.

People Are Following the Trend, as They Do With Any Other Fad.

A lot of videos have been made of people getting their hair coloured or of professionals doing people’s hair colours. “POV: You finally get a personal colour test in South Korea and find out you can never wear blue again,” says the above video.
Read more:
This stylist and colour expert, who goes by @agile styling on TikTok, does a great job in this video of explaining the small differences between some colours.
We hope that all of these videos give you the tools you need to look your best. But really, you should wear whatever makes you feel the most confident at the end of the day. After all, it’s hot to be sure of yourself, and “hot” is a state of mind.
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