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Who Is Scar Girl On TikTok? Is Girl’s Scar Real or Fake?

When you hear the word “scar,” what comes to mind? If you are in your 20s or 30s, you probably thought of Harry Potter. If you are from Generation Z, you probably thought of Scar Girl.
Annie is the person who made Scar Girl on TikTok (@wtmab). If you’re a little behind the kids, this might help you catch up. She is a pretty girl, but her face has a big scar. Or does she lie? Because it seems like a lot of people on TikTok don’t believe the scar is real.

Who is Scar Girl on TikTok?

Annie is the name Scar Girl goes by on TikTok. She usually posts lip sync videos. People know that Annie has a scar on her face, but they act like it’s not real.
People who leave comments often make jokes about how serious Annie is about the “bit” and tell her to go get her money. A lot of people also say that the scar moves around and changes size, which makes them doubt that it is real.

Is Scar Girl’s Scar Real or Fake?

One TikTok detective found an old video of Annie’s scar when it first happened and compared it to what it looks like now. They are not the same at all. But sometimes dark brown things get scabs, so this didn’t worry us too much. But the scar seems to have a strange angle.
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Annie herself talked about what happened on TikTok. In the video above, she talks about how her scars are different sizes because she has two of them. The first one is from when the injury first happened (we were not able to find an explainer video for this).
The second one is said to have happened when she used a face cream that burned her face and left an even bigger scar. Annie also said that her body has always taken a long time to heal, which is why the scar is still so visible.
Annie tries to get the scar off with makeup wipes in the video, but nothing comes off.
But even that video didn’t work, because a lot of people said things like, “Why are you trying to trick me?”
Annie posted another video of herself trying to get rid of her scar but not being able to do it. What her caption says in a nutshell is:
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