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Xresolver: How to Blacklist, Boot & Use Xbox and Is Xresolver Illegal?

It works on every system and every kind of device. The Xresolver Xbox blacklist also works on PS4, PS5, Xresolver Roblox, and every web browser. With HDMI input ports, you can connect your Xbox to your TVs or laptops.

There are a few ways to put yourself on a blacklist without paying Xresolver and without spending any money.

Using a VPN, you can connect to a server in another location, which would hide your original IP.

  • You can also change your IP address by connecting back to your ISP.
  • Users with a static IP can make a change by calling their internet provider.
  • Dynamic IP users can make a change by turning on the router more than once.

– Don’t play games with people you don’t know.

– Remove suspicious users from your list of friends and remove their IP addresses by using the form to remove data.

How to Boot Using Xresolver?

Users will have to do the following for Xresolver to work.

– Any freebooter can be downloaded and set up.

– Just type in the IP address you want to boot out.

– Set the amount of time that the user won’t be able to bother you.

– Select the “DDOS” tab.

It shows users quickly when the application was able to start up the IP address.


How to Get Blacklisted on Xresolver?

You can protect yourself in a game by blacklisting your username so that no one can block you or get in your way. A sniffer program is the only way to put yourself on a blacklist. Octosniff makes it easy to put your IP address on a blacklist, but you may need to buy points.

But you need an Octosniff account to do that. Octosniff is mostly used as a networking research tool, but it also lets you watch the traffic on your console or device.

Here’s how to put yourself on the Xbox blacklist using Xresolver.

– Go to Xresolver and type your Gamertag into the device.

– Your IP address will be linked to your Gamertag. The Xresolver number is just one Gamertag that can go in the box. So, if you need to know the IP address of a lot of Gamertags, you would have to put them in one by one.

– Write down the IP address and use it to sign in to your Octosniff account.

– But you have to buy 500 points before you can blacklist your IP address.

– As soon as you buy the IP address, the key to your message box will be sent to you.

– Copy the key/Xresolver blacklist IP link, and if you haven’t already, you can sign into your Octosniff account.

Once you click “Redeem License” and add the key to the “Points” section.

– Now, tap claim points.

Now that you have the points, you need to go to “Other” and scroll down to the “Blacklist” section.

– Type in your IP address and click on “blacklist username.”

Now, go back to the website and try the username.

– You would see a confirmation that you have been put on a blacklist.


How to Use Xresolver for Xbox?

Xbox users can use Xresolver to find out what an IP address is. The only resolver on the market that uses AI bot engines to scrape the internet for information about IP addresses.

How Does Xresolver Get Ips?

Xresolver gets Gamertags, which are used to find IP addresses. They have a built-in tool that helps with ARP sniffing, port scanning, and geolocation tracker.

Once you’ve figured out how to get the Gamertag, Xresolver makes it easy to get the IP.

Is Xresolver Illegal?

With the Xresolver app, using bots to scrape is not against the law. Even the United States of America does not stop, ban, or make it illegal to get an IP address.

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